Please know that we have listed as many products on this page that we can, but also realize that we offer so many others it just makes it impossibe to list them all.  If there is something you don't see and would like, just contact us.  We can let you know if we can make it and what it will cost..  This page will be updated often and new or additional products will be added.   Also keep in mind that we also restore old furniture and will at some point add a page for that.  Most repairs are under $20 dollars for chairs, dressers or tables.  Give us a chance to bring that certain piece back to life for you.

Farmhouse Table Prices

Smaller "X" Style Table, made with 2x4's instead of 4x4's.  4x4's used for the main post.  Can be customized to your specifications.
Standard Table, 4 straight legs, can have braces between the legs and/or a brace running between the two sets of legs.
A pedestal type table, our most popular model.  Legs are inset to allow bench to fit up under the table ( if bench is ordered)
If you have another design that you would like for us to design please contact us.  There are many more styles that we can do.  We do not turn legs but can usually find something at a local thrift store that will fit your needs.
The big "X".  This table is made of 4x4'posts and is rock solid.  Weighs about 250 lbs and can hold up to anything.
The "Y" table.  Made of several molded pieces of 2x4's coupled together with a box that can be customized to your tastes.

Round Tables

These beautiful tables are great for smaller areas or if you just don't want a traditional Farmhouse Table.  Comes in a variety of sizes, with different base options.

Pub Tables

Pub Tables come in a variety of styles, are standard 36 inches tall.  Can be engraved with your favorite teams logo or left blank.  Great for apartments.


All chairs are made to your specifications, many styles to choose from. or choose one of your own.  Chairs are very time consuming to make and thus do cost a little more.


All tables have a bench to match or you can design your own.


Dressers and Chest of Drawers come in many styles and shapes, let us help you choose the style that is right for you.  Hardware is included or you can choose your own.

Barn Doors

Barn Doors and some of our favorite things to make.  Whether it be just a single door or double doors.  Any kind of design you can think of.  Just look on Pinterest and you will find hundreds of designs, pick one and send it to use and let us bring it to life for you.

Console Tables - Deluxe Version

This Deluxe version of our conventional console table has many uses, as a media table, kitchen island or even a bookcase.  Heavy duty rollers provide a smooth action on the "barn doors".

Console Tables

A simple piece that offers so much.  Use it to put your tv one, store books or your plants.  Fully open ends or closed - you decide!
YCoffee Tables
From the standard coffee table to your wildest imagination, our coffee tables can fit your wishes.  Made entirely out of wood, any size is possible.  The simple or the more functional, we do it all.


BEDS!!!!   Of all sizes and shapes,  Can be completed with storage if desired.   All standard sizes.

Pet Cages 

Pet cages come in all kinds of lengths for a single pet to housing mulitple pets.  Can be divided as well.  Solid floor and back, 1/2 inch rebar spaced according to your desires to fit your pet.  Very sturdy and robust.


Our swings come in all sizes and shapes!! Pick a design you like and then leave it to us.  Swings can be hung with rope or by chain.  We will adapt the swing to the way you want it hung.  We do regular swings up to the bed swing.